Time is just a matter of seconds, no?

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So actually, I’ve been using the moniker “XIV” for about 3 years now. I’ve been riding around the blogosphere on my magical unicorn unicycle since way before that. But, that’s neither here nor there, let’s not wonder what that has to do with our musical selection today. Because you’ll hear it in my shortest post of the last 3 or so. My sound track has been updating at such a weird variety that I can’t really explain everything so well. But, as normal, you can find the low down on what’s up plus the song (which is from Ratatat for you guys who don’t want the suspense) after the break.

So, I planned this post a week or two ago but since then I’ve went to and from Houston and actually had work for the first time in a while so, I’ve got sooo many differing days to pick from to tell you about. But I decided to stay and tell you about the day I had originally planned to. This song is a great driving song. While Fyfe had a great chill song to listen to (Still on my chill mix) this is a great song to get in the car and air guitar while you drive to the party or anywhere really.

What’s that? I didn’t add the song? Baulderdash!  Oh, I didn’t it’s this:

 Ratatat: Seventeen Years

And, that boring version is alright with the bulk of some. But I’m going to give you the proper way to watch this. It’s the first way I ever saw it so you should see it through my eyes:

That version is way better. It’s actually something to look at while you’re watching it again. Well, I’m off to work. Should have a few more posts over the next few days.

Till Next Time,



2 thoughts on “Time is just a matter of seconds, no?

  1. That Dumbo clip works surprisingly well with that song. Also, what do you think the odds are the Disney artists were on drugs when they made that?


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