Two Weeks of: RATATAT!!!!!!!

Hey everyone. Wonder why there was no need to introduce the first group for the T.W.o. category? It’s because you were already introduced back in the day. Well, here we are.

First Song of the first T.W.o. is Ratatat “Tropicana”. Hope you like it. Good looking out, see you tomorrow!




13’s Having Flashbacks: Pt. I

Song of the Day

Hello everyone. As I promised a couple weeks ago, I am here to present you with songs ripped from my other song page. You will now receive a much more frequent dose of musical suggestions from me, though they will not be talked about in near as much detail. Don’t worry, I will occasionally come back with a large post, but for now, we’re showing flashbacks of a simpler time.

In addition, since these posts have already been previously made on my other music page, I will not necessarily be required to post them. As such, sometimes you may get a word or two from XIV as an introduction before moving on to my flashbacks, because he might be posting them instead of me. In fact, don’t be surprised if this happens frequently. Rest assured though that the content of the actual flashbacks is mine.

Today, we begin at the beginning. Here’s hoping you all enjoy it!

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S.o.O.L. – Lost

(c) Chance the Rapper

(c) Chance the Rapper

Good Evening. Back to school time is back up. Works gonna suck. The soundtrack is getting drowned by the noise of the corporations. I’ve been sitting on this track for three weeks. Tried to think of something really awesome to say about it. But, the song itself is too awesome and nothing I can say will give it real justice. I’m probably gonna come back and give you guys a full Record Coating later because the whole mixtape might be the best thing that came out this year so far. But, that’s all for later. Here’s the song for the day:

Chance the Rapper, “Lost” ft. Noname Gypsy


Brand New Makeover! Couple of Policy Changes Too!



Howdy Folks!

You can probably see that 13andXIV got a bit of a makeover. Yeah, I was a bit tired of looking at the same background over and over again. I’m gonna be doing a few weeks with this theme and it might be permanent it might change to something completely different. But,that’s only 1 of the 3 changes the site is going through. I felt pigeonholed into doing a certain type of post and not really feeling like posting if I didn’t have any real music to play for you guys. But, that’s changing. Somewhat. 13andXIV is going to morph into a review blog. ¬†We’re going to review whatever we want. Mostly it will still be music, but occasionally it will be Movies, some concerts, and maybe some food. XIV might even do video games (highly unlikely!) Going to throw a few ideas around but the overall goal is to update regularly to keep the site from stagnating because 1 post a month is unacceptable.

The third major change is really obvious, We added a bunch of categories and tags with the new update. Updated all the old posts so that you can easily navigate to an artist you like just by clicking their name on the sidebar. Those will be helpful when the site explodes into post time. Well, I’ll see you guys on the other side.