13 or XIV Days of Christmas, and The Beginning of the Hunger

Okay, so where did we leave off? Ah, We did a wonderful Coating Records session and the we seemed to disappear with the paint still on the spindle. Rest assured, although the paint dried and we left the records on the table, we’re just beginning to get back the feeling in our fingers but that’s only the first part. School is winding down to a close because the holidays are fast approaching. That means, more music flooding your ears. And that gives us the opportunity to give a bit of ear candy to some people.

13 or XIV days of Christmas!

Sometimes over the next 27ish days, we’re going to go over 14 different songs dedicated to people (or perhaps code names of people) who helped us out throughout our lives with songs that either remind us of them or bring the light to our heads over them. So, stay tuned!