T.W.o. – RATATAT!!!!! Pt. 8

So, my bad guys, I totally fucking forgot about yesterday. No excuses though. So, we’re going to do two posts today. Gonna do one right now, and another one when I get out of class around 9ish. So, expect the other one sometime around noon. So, what’s your dose for today? How about some DRUGS?

No really, “Drugs”:



T.W.o. – RATATAT!!!! Pt. 6

We’re winding down on the first “Two Weeks of” feature. We’re finally on the other side of the hill. Today is another short day, mainly because I’m saving my energy for the part where we take the breaks off and drop off the hill. Also, if you guys have been not counting, you may not have noticed that we’re reaching two different goals. (Well, we reached 1 of them already). We hit our 1 year anniversary. And we’re nearing post 50. We’re going to do a large post to commemorate both of those great accomplishments. (In my eyes at least.)

Here’s today’s dose: “8” by Ratatat


T.W.o. – RATATAT!!! Pt. 4

Day 4 Ya’ll! Probably going to have to be 1 a day from here on out. But, Maybe that’s how it is supposed to be. I think you’ll be noticing a bit of a pattern coming up in the next few weeks. Enjoy it, that’s going to be my goal for the future. Here’s what was my favorite Ratatat song for a great amount of time.

Check it out:


T.W.o. – RATATAT!!!! Day 3

Looks like I finally am starting to remember what tomorrow looks like. Well,here’s your daily dose of Ratatat. You guys enjoying the rock hard beats? I call it a head cleanser. Because there are no words, the music allows you to think freely. Now then, enough thought. Let’s get some head rocking going on. Make sure you put on your “Neckbrace” by Ratatat.


Two Weeks of: RATATAT!!!!!!!

Hey everyone. Wonder why there was no need to introduce the first group for the T.W.o. category? It’s because you were already introduced back in the day. Well, here we are.

First Song of the first T.W.o. is Ratatat “Tropicana”. Hope you like it. Good looking out, see you tomorrow!



Time is just a matter of seconds, no?

Curtosy of http://piperbasenji.blogspot.com/


So actually, I’ve been using the moniker “XIV” for about 3 years now. I’ve been riding around the blogosphere on my magical unicorn unicycle since way before that. But, that’s neither here nor there, let’s not wonder what that has to do with our musical selection today. Because you’ll hear it in my shortest post of the last 3 or so. My sound track has been updating at such a weird variety that I can’t really explain everything so well. But, as normal, you can find the low down on what’s up plus the song (which is from Ratatat for you guys who don’t want the suspense) after the break.

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