Conquer your Fear

So, I’ve got a few guilty pleasures. Actually, I’ve got more guilty pleasures than I do non-guilty ones. One of them is Wavorly. Now, in order to tell you about them, I have to tell you how I heard about them.

Remember Phonezoo? Oh, some of you probably have no idea what that is. Okay, Phonezoo was/is a ringtone site. (Oh my, it does still exist. Nostalgia everywhere!) Anyway, back to the topic. I was creating a ringtone for my flip phone when I stumbled across a ringtone with a great beat. The words were all garbled but I could tell the sound was top-notch. (I’ve got these huge point ears. Great for discerning things.) It was called “Tale of the Dragon’s Defeat”. I myspaced the name and it brought up Wavorly. Heard their albums and have been a fan ever since. Also found about Flyleaf at the same time. But they are for another time.

Their first album was called: Conquering the Fear of Flying

So, without further ado, here is:

The Vocals are a bit strained, but the emotion is there. The Guitar is strong. Just how I dig it. Rock on.



Side Bar:

I (and maybe 13) plan on going to a few local shows in the area and giving you some reviews of them. Let’s Party Hard My Friends.