Wet Ink: Purity Ring – “Push Pull”

1st Album Cover

Got something brand new for you guys. Yeah, you can send me messages about my lack of posting but WoD came out and I’ve been chest deep into getting ready for that. Gonna TRY to post, but I am as easily distracted by the internet as the rest of you.

But, that’s not why we’re here right now. Finally after so long, Purity Ring put out a new song. Push Pull. Here you go. No jump for today. See you next time.



20syl and Why you should care.

(c) Onandonrecords

(c) Onandonrecords

I bet you thought that I was only going to be doing show reviews. Nah. I haven’t forgotten you and my bag is packed full of new music as well.

Some of you don’t know who 20syl is. And you were okay with that. That was wrong of you and your life is much less fufilled than it can be. French, with sass and a great electronic soul. 20syl has been blazing up my playlists for a few months now. You know the rules, I’m not just gonna prattle about music. Music speaks for itself, and 20syl almost soulful tracks can speak for both of us.

Just taste it a bit.

Here’s 20syl’s Motifs -EP:

That should be good for your heart.


I’m Just in Love – S.o.O.L

(C) Tove Lo

(C) Tove Lo

You know that feeling of level-headedness that you get when you’re around someone that you really care about? That whole just being near that person makes you calmer and and content? Where you don’t really need anything except from them except their presence?

This isn’t that type of love.

This is the “crazy” “what are we doing here” “grab my hands as we run through the street laughing like crazy people” love. One of those that makes the people around you ask “What the hell are they on?”. This is “singing to your love in the middle of the day for no reason” love. It’s young love and old love brought together into one really nice song. This short banger with a bass heavy chorus goes perfectly with the lyrics.

Here’s “Not on Drugs” by Tove Lo:

A character substitution turns, Tove lo into “Love to” and her new EP Truth Serum is out on Itunes and Spotify now. And, you’d “Love to” listen to the rest of it. Trust me.

Truth Serum on Itunes

Truth Serum on Spotify


S.o.O.L. – Something for my friends

(c) The Wallpaper

(c) The Wallpaper

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I haven’t been here in forever. Guess all the pressure of putting out a 50th got me all kinda fucked up in the brain and just stressed me out. Don’t know if I’ll still be doing one but, who knows. Might give a treat for something else if I don’t. Life’s been rough, I now totally understand when 13 doesn’t really feel like working after he’s been at school all day. It’s just a bitch.

So, anyway! I’m coming back people so don’t touch that dial. Here is a song for all of you followers who take us for what we are. Enjoy.


T.W.o. – RATATAT!!!!! Pt. 8

So, my bad guys, I totally fucking forgot about yesterday. No excuses though. So, we’re going to do two posts today. Gonna do one right now, and another one when I get out of class around 9ish. So, expect the other one sometime around noon. So, what’s your dose for today? How about some DRUGS?

No really, “Drugs”:


T.W.o. – RATATAT!!!! Pt. 6

We’re winding down on the first “Two Weeks of” feature. We’re finally on the other side of the hill. Today is another short day, mainly because I’m saving my energy for the part where we take the breaks off and drop off the hill. Also, if you guys have been not counting, you may not have noticed that we’re reaching two different goals. (Well, we reached 1 of them already). We hit our 1 year anniversary. And we’re nearing post 50. We’re going to do a large post to commemorate both of those great accomplishments. (In my eyes at least.)

Here’s today’s dose: “8” by Ratatat


T.W.o. – RATATAT!!! Pt. 4

Day 4 Ya’ll! Probably going to have to be 1 a day from here on out. But, Maybe that’s how it is supposed to be. I think you’ll be noticing a bit of a pattern coming up in the next few weeks. Enjoy it, that’s going to be my goal for the future. Here’s what was my favorite Ratatat song for a great amount of time.

Check it out:


T.W.o. – RATATAT!!!! Day 3

Looks like I finally am starting to remember what tomorrow looks like. Well,here’s your daily dose of Ratatat. You guys enjoying the rock hard beats? I call it a head cleanser. Because there are no words, the music allows you to think freely. Now then, enough thought. Let’s get some head rocking going on. Make sure you put on your “Neckbrace” by Ratatat.