13 or XIV Days of Christmas: Day 7

Christmas is my favorite time of year. Always has been. I know that as many people get older and start having to worry about more things, like last-minute Christmas shopping and money and kids and commercialism and careers and bills and everything else, Christmas starts to lose its joy, but that hasn’t happened for me yet, and I hope it never will. I love that this holiday is one in which we can remember the birth of our Savior by thinking about others instead of ourselves. Yes, I realize that’s not why everyone does it. But Christmas is still a great time of year, as long as you are putting others before yourself, remembering and spending time with family and friends, and looking at the world in a more loving way.

In the spirit of all that, I offer up this song by tobyMac and Nirva Dorsaint. “This Christmas” is a great song about adopting a kid from an orphanage for Christmas. It’s really catchy and it makes your heart feel good:

Since today is Christmas Eve, I’ll be returning with a bonus post later today, so be sure to check back. It’s going to be a really special one. Until then, Merry Christmas everyone 🙂