A Long Song for a Long Day

from mrkash.com

from mrkash.com

Today’s song is long in a sense. It’s longer than what I played yesterday, both in time and in longevity. There’s no words but that’s not the most important part of this classic. Yesterday, I spent pretty much the entire day watching Ken Burns: Civil War. Oh what a Glorious Documentary that is. So much joy, pain, sadness, joy, and despair. A great war. Wonderful conflict. And absolutely needed for the current state to exist. A house divided and all that jazz. But, all about the music after the break.

There were a few songs that reached out and touched me over the course of the extended documentary. Mainly cause it’s like 12 hours long. But, really because they kinda reminded me of songs that I heard growing up when I first started delving into my roots. A spiritual that my mom taught me when I asked her about them, Climbing  Jacob’s Ladder; the Battle Hymn of the Republic, Wish I Was In Dixie, and a few more. I’ll throw a link down at the bottom where you can get it for yourselves.

But, the song I picked today, was probably the most played song on the first half. I remember it at the beginning and at the end. It’s a somber song, bringing forth raw emotion and can be played with only a Violin; though in my honest opinion it sounds much better with a full accompaniment.  The Song: “Ashokan Farewell” by Jay Ungar

Now, this song wasn’t made in the Civil War Era, it was made in the Early 1980’s and made popular through media like this documentary. But, that doesn’t change the fact that the song has  such an awesome melody and gives you the urge to explain whatever you can. I can still see ol’ Abe talking about things that would be important even still today all the way back then.

Those were good days. Rough days, Horrible days, Painful days, but good days.

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Btw, here’s that link:



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