Who We Are:

13andXIV is a partnership in a musical sense.  Just a solid duo that listens to good music and tells it like it is.  13andXIV are based out of Dallas, Texas.

Review Policy:

It seems obvious, but we gotta say it.  We welcome your content, but our time table is our own.  We will always reference the source that the content comes from as best we know. We reserve the right to state our own opinions and share them as we see fit.  Expect honest opinions from two guys that love music and a damn good time.

Want our mailing address or to talk about sponsorship, advertising, events, a position, or just shoot the breeze, send us an email at 13andXIV@gmail.com

Continue the conversation on Facebook  by clicking here or Twitter by clicking here https://twitter.com/13andXIV or here https://www.facebook.com/13andxiv


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