Blizzard’s New Franchise: Overwatch

(c) Blizzard

(c) Blizzard


What’s that? I haven’t updated in forever? Yes, I know. I’d make excuses, but that would waste all of our time. So, let’s dig into the new feast I brought us.

If you know me, you probably know that I play WoW. Like, it could totally have been my part time job for a while there. I love Blizzard Games. Been playing them for a while, and since I’m more of a laid back style of playing, there isn’t much that they could do to upset me while I’m apparently throwing my money at them. So, today, for the first time in what seems like forever, they have announced a new IP at Blizzcon.


From the trailer, which I’ll add to this later, it seems like a cross between TF2 and some of the other Blizzard games. There’s a zany cast of characters and like everything Blizzard does, an air of overpoweredness.

I’ll add more posts giving more info after I get back from work. But, until then, I might update with a few things from mobile. So, if the next posts I pop up look different, that’s because I was trying to send them from my phone and they will probably suck. But, Blizzcon is like a holiday for me.



Sailor Moon: Crystal Episode 1

(c) Toei

(c) Toei

So, I watched the new Sailor Moon this evening (morning for you people who are overly specific), And, I went in with the LOWEST of expectations. Get it correct, I expected absolutely terrible stuff from this one. I didn’t feel that animation companies these days could even roll with how things used to be. Everything these days is instant gratification and all. But, Toei delivered on this front.

Let’s run down the check list.

Original Style Animation w/ Updated Graphics √

Same names and Mannerisms √

Good Pacing w/o giving too much for a first episode √

Villain of the Week with a peek at Bigger Baddies √

All in all, looks like this might pan out. One episode isn’t enough to actually take a real opinion on a series. You can find it on both Cruchy for Premiums or on your normally “legally” hosted anime sites. Ciao.


Something so new the ink isn’t dry yet “Draft Day” By Drake


Big ass image, new ass track. I’m bringing you something that is so new that the ink hasn’t even set yet. Drake just dropped a new track from his personal label October’s Very Own as a shout out to Johnny Football. And, I got to admit. This shit is bangin. Fresh flow, throwback beat, smooth track. Don’t take my word for it, pop the music into your ear and just enjoy the track.

Taste the music-


Two Weeks of: RATATAT!!!!!!!

Hey everyone. Wonder why there was no need to introduce the first group for the T.W.o. category? It’s because you were already introduced back in the day. Well, here we are.

First Song of the first T.W.o. is Ratatat “Tropicana”. Hope you like it. Good looking out, see you tomorrow!



Brand New Makeover! Couple of Policy Changes Too!



Howdy Folks!

You can probably see that 13andXIV got a bit of a makeover. Yeah, I was a bit tired of looking at the same background over and over again. I’m gonna be doing a few weeks with this theme and it might be permanent it might change to something completely different. But,that’s only 1 of the 3 changes the site is going through. I felt pigeonholed into doing a certain type of post and not really feeling like posting if I didn’t have any real music to play for you guys. But, that’s changing. Somewhat. 13andXIV is going to morph into a review blog.  We’re going to review whatever we want. Mostly it will still be music, but occasionally it will be Movies, some concerts, and maybe some food. XIV might even do video games (highly unlikely!) Going to throw a few ideas around but the overall goal is to update regularly to keep the site from stagnating because 1 post a month is unacceptable.

The third major change is really obvious, We added a bunch of categories and tags with the new update. Updated all the old posts so that you can easily navigate to an artist you like just by clicking their name on the sidebar. Those will be helpful when the site explodes into post time. Well, I’ll see you guys on the other side.


Drawing out the tracks, “Ex-Boyfriend” “White Dude”

Welcome back to another edition of the Soundtrack of my life. How’s life been on the other side? Heard anything new? You can always drop me a line in the comments, or on twitter or shoot me a line the the and I’ll get back to ya. Or I might even make a post about it if the song touches the right part of my eardrums. But, back to the topic at hand. I told you last time that I would make the next post about something that came out a great deal sooner than some of my previous posts. That’s why tonight I’m bringing you a couple of tracks from this mixtape:



If you like rap music, hit the jump. If you like comedy, hit the jump. If you don’t like either of those, we’ll have something for you after the break anyways. You might like the songs anyway. Well, let’s jump in friends: Continue reading

XIV’s Dossier: “Get By” “Bastermating”

That was one hell of a list, eh? 13 did a bang up job on his list. Kinda hard to follow up something that awesome. So, I’m just gonna inch into it w/ the renewed vigor of a set of Roman Numerals that has bills to pay. (Although we’re not getting anything from this other than the love of our fans). This one is dedicated to one of my favorite artist, Asher Roth:


Two tracks coming down the tracks for you tonight. From his mixtape “Pabst and Jazz”

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