Ai Tenchi Muyo Ep. 3 – Anime Review

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At this point in watching, I remember why I always give new series the “3 Episode” rule. I’m not saying that this 5 minute episode today has converted me, but if things can keep up like today, I’ll be a fan before long. See what’s up after the jump.

Now, finally on the 3rd episode in, we finally have some plot. We learn that Tenchi is on a mission from Washu to fix a mistake that she made. Now, Washu can do no wrong in my mind. However, as with the usual Tenchi series, Tenchi takes does what needs to be done anyway. He gets pulled into what I’m assuming is how the whole series actually got started and what in my opinion we probably should have started with rather than that rather horrible opening two episodes.

What the actual story is.

What the actual story is.

Short story even shorter, Tenchi is transported to what appears to be Feudal Japan and meets a young Momo of all people. (By this point I’m just happy that there is no pointless boob throwing in this episode and even more excited that I was watching an actual plot that I watched this whole thing 4 times.) It appears that Momo is one of the people that Tenchi is being sent to find and the other one might be a person that the lost little Momo appears to be looking for.

Young Momo

Young Momo

So, with an actual plot and something that appears to be a backstory forming we look on into the next episode. LIke it or not, I’ll be here the entire time anyway. So, let’s just head into the story together, and hope that more are like this than like the previous.

Don't you dare let us down.

Don’t you dare let us down.




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