Blizzard’s New Franchise: Overwatch

(c) Blizzard

(c) Blizzard


What’s that? I haven’t updated in forever? Yes, I know. I’d make excuses, but that would waste all of our time. So, let’s dig into the new feast I brought us.

If you know me, you probably know that I play WoW. Like, it could totally have been my part time job for a while there. I love Blizzard Games. Been playing them for a while, and since I’m more of a laid back style of playing, there isn’t much that they could do to upset me while I’m apparently throwing my money at them. So, today, for the first time in what seems like forever, they have announced a new IP at Blizzcon.


From the trailer, which I’ll add to this later, it seems like a cross between TF2 and some of the other Blizzard games. There’s a zany cast of characters and like everything Blizzard does, an air of overpoweredness.

I’ll add more posts giving more info after I get back from work. But, until then, I might update with a few things from mobile. So, if the next posts I pop up look different, that’s because I was trying to send them from my phone and they will probably suck. But, Blizzcon is like a holiday for me.



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