13’s Having Flashbacks Pt. 4

Song of the Day

What’s that? You thought the flashbacks were over? Blame my short attention span and the fact that i’m a bit slow sometimes. But, don’t worry. Tuesdays & Thursdays are flashback days. I’m going to go lie down and try to remember last month…


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Come Down by the River

Today, ladies and gents, I’m taking you to church. Or more specifically, a revival. Yes, I’m aware that it’s a Saturday. But that’s one of the cool things about music; it can transport you anytime.

About 8 years ago, brothers Bear and Bo Rinehart of South Carolina and two of their friends got together to form a band which had a sound that would soon catch the attention of Atlantic Records. That band was Needtobreathe. If you’ve heard of them, it’s probably because you either:

a) listen to at least a decent amount of Christian music (the band does not usually write songs that are specifically meant to be Christian, however Christianity is a large inspiration for much of their music, and as such, they get played on Christian radio stations and sold in Christian stores)

b) have been to a Taylor Swift show (they opened for her this last year) or

c) spend an inordinate amount of time in OfficeMax (actually, that probably isn’t a leading reason, but they do play them on the radio there. I used to work there and commented that one of the only redeeming qualities about that station was that the person who chose the music seemed to like Needtobreathe).

If you haven’t heard of them, you’re about to:

That’s “Washed By The Water”. If that didn’t get your blood flowing with the blend of southern rock and gospel, then maybe this will:

That one’s just pure fun. One of my favorite things about popular music is its emotional aspect, when the music and the lyrics line up in such a way that they feed off of each other, and enhance each other to levels that neither part could achieve on its own. This band has that in spades.

If you like what you hear, as always, I encourage you to check out more. That first song was from The Heat, the second one is from The Outsiders. But no matter what Bear Rinehart sings, it’s pretty good. So sit back, enjoy, and feel.