Somewhere Between Noon and Dusk Probably.

They say the first post you do on a band turns out to be the staple that everyone judges you by. That said, I actually did try to figure out what the best thing to start off with was. I really bounced around. (Old? New? Something emotionally heavy? Something light and whimsical?) So, needless to say, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve now for the coming weeks.

But for now, a two-fer. (That’s two for each reader for you new blokes)

In the end, I decided on an old favorite. A group that  I’ve been following since I was a junior in high school, though they’ve been making music since long before that. I became a fan while the sounds reverberated around inside my skull. You might not understand what I mean so hit the play button on this track and turn your music up to 11 on this older track of theirs.

That’s “Marvelous Things” from the album Room Noises. This was actually the second album I’d heard from these guys but it’s their first studio album. I’m not a knower of musical terminology as much as 13 but this song stays in the rafters and makes you pay attention to it. A wonderful tale of things that don’t exist and the emotions they strike into you.

While you eat that cake, how about a glass of milk to bring you back down to from the sugar high?

This song “Ambulance” is from The Valley. (Actually, it’s from the Fire Kite EP, but that is neither here nor there, both are right and neither is wrong)

Feel this one right here:


^( That’s pointing at the head)

I quite literally have very few words to describe these, real music speaks like that.

We’ve been there. That entire album is like that, I’ll get a review of that album up here sometime. I’d love a chance to tell them what they’ve done to music. And probably buy them a cupcake. XIV loves cupcakes.



One thought on “Somewhere Between Noon and Dusk Probably.

  1. For all your thinking, I would say you came out with a pretty solid first post XIV. I certainly enjoyed it. They remind me a bit of Sixpence None The Richer, although I think I like this band better. I really liked these songs, and I liked “Ambulance” enough to go check out the album, which resulted in me buying it (for anyone who’s interested, it’s currently only $3.99 on amazon).
    Anyway, my favorite aspect of this group is the Sherri DuPree’s voice. It’s like sugar for the eardrums. I’m just putting this out there, but she can sing me a lullaby anytime.


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