Ai Tenchi Muyo! Ep. 4 – Anime Review

Bodyguard Tenchi ©Crunchyroll

I had hopes that after yesterday’s nice showing of plot and lack of pointless Tenchi oppression, today’s episode would continue down the line of greatness that it could be.

I was wrong. But, that’s okay. This episode wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It was a step down from yesterday to be sure, but not completely as bad as episode 2. And, I’ll explain why after the jump.

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Ai Tenchi Muyo! Ep. 2 -Anime Review

(c) Blogiswar

(c) Blogiswar

If this is gonna happen like I think it will, I may very well get tired of writing every damn day about this. But, since I either can’t find a real schedule for this show and it feels like it is going to be coming on every day at least during the week for the 50 episodes, (which would make sense for a season long anime. 5x5min episodes would be about one ~25 minute episode a week or 10 for a season) I very well might be doing this every day for a while. In which case, I’m gonna be hard pressed for new images. Haha, that’s rich. I’ll just probably swap to using images from the show exclusively eventually. But, you came here for a review. Let’s dig in.

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Ai Tenchi Muyo! -Anime Review

(c) Adala News

(c) Adala News

I’m getting the feeling that I’m going to be upset quite a bit for the next few weeks. And the main problem is that I don’t know if it is going to be entirely my fault for my aggression. Probably going to blame someone else for making me do all these new reviews.

If anyone asked me what my favorite anime is, 9 times out of 10 I’d say, Tenchi Muyo. because that was my first anime love. Funny Characters, a real blast and an actual story line that as far as I’m concerned was great with balancing a hero and an open harem ending. The series as a whole was good for that. But, now there is a new one to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original. And, I am not impressed.

Let’s take the premise of the new show, Ai Tenchi Muyo: Tenchi is working in an all girls school. That’s it. That’s the entire plot for the first episode. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the episodes are only 5 minutes long. That’s going to be a problem until there are enough of them to make a coherent story out of.

But honestly, my main problem, not including the total lack of any real names for characters or actual exposition of this story, is that we spent ~40 of the 240 seconds of actual animation in this first episode staring at panties. The same pair of panties. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love a good ecchi series; of which Tenchi has always been. But that is terrible for a series that’s gonna be 50 five minute episodes.

It might possible be a long as Fall.

It might possibly be a long ass Fall.

But, we’ll try to keep an optimistic outlook at this time.