Something Relatively New for you guys this time…


Ok folks, I’ve got something relatively new for you guys. Here’s something new from my current artist obsession. Spark Master Tape: Proprecia. It’s a banger, great for bumping loud in the headphones or car. One of the reasons that I love listening to most of Spark’s music is that it reminds me of old rap. It’s loud and it just rolls in the ride. It’s great music.  But, you don’t have to take my word for it:

Play it loud,



S.o.O.L- N Luv


Hey, guys. I’m feeling a bit money hungry today. So, I felt that this would be a great song for today. It’s my soundtrack for this evening. This is the first song that I actually remember buying the CD for.

Real talk, I took this album to a party in my CD player, (I did awkward shit like take my own music to house parties just in case I didn’t like the music they were playing. I guess I’ve always had a knack for this.) And, It got jacked from me. That was a sad day. Fuck whoever did that. I’m still holding a grudge.

 Bump it with me.

Back when things were simple. Swishahouse was my first group that I really enjoyed.

“Been acting like this since last week.”


Drawing out the tracks, “Ex-Boyfriend” “White Dude”

Welcome back to another edition of the Soundtrack of my life. How’s life been on the other side? Heard anything new? You can always drop me a line in the comments, or on twitter or shoot me a line the the and I’ll get back to ya. Or I might even make a post about it if the song touches the right part of my eardrums. But, back to the topic at hand. I told you last time that I would make the next post about something that came out a great deal sooner than some of my previous posts. That’s why tonight I’m bringing you a couple of tracks from this mixtape:



If you like rap music, hit the jump. If you like comedy, hit the jump. If you don’t like either of those, we’ll have something for you after the break anyways. You might like the songs anyway. Well, let’s jump in friends: Continue reading