S.o.O.L: Fyfe – Holding On

Fyfe - Holding On ©Fyfe

If you’ve been around for a minute then you know that I’ve got a bit of a real melodic thirst for chill music. Fyfe fills that role quite often when I just want to relax and drink something. Here’s something to go with the Soundtrack of Our Lives:

Fyfe – Holding On:

You can find more about Fyfe at his website or on his soundcloud. Give him a shout for me. Tell him XIV sent you.



Never stop finding new music!

All mad

Not really a dossier page but more of a “shoot the shit” page for today. Going to talk today about ways to find new music. School’s back in session so there isn’t as much time to just chill and surf youtube or Spotify your reality. Not many people really understand the impact that music has on your everyday life. Jingles, jangles, the tunes on the radio, and the even the sound of crickets chirping. So much music out there. I’m going to try to get you just a taste of the sound I heard yesterday, today. Every day I can. After all, It’s the soundtrack to your life, I’d love to influence it with a sample of mine. More after the break…

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