How to Get Away With A Pretty Good Pilot



So, not mentioning Scandal, which is already owning the hell out of it’s Thursday night spot with it’s new season opener, ┬ábut ABC might have a emotionally gripping throw to go with combat arsenal. Namely, how to get away with Murder.

Murder, intrigue, lust, action, and relatively important moral choices are in the air with this newest series. Starting in a darkened forest in the middle of the night, we start off by seeing 4 people talking about having just murdered someone. A flash back provides the story that all of these highly diverse people meet in a Criminal Law class at Middleton Law School.

I’d love to tell you more but I suck at explaining w/o giving things away. I also suck w/ basic reviews apparently. But trust me, if you like Scandal, you’ll love this. Same Creator.

Good Pacing. Great Casting. Nice acting for a pilot. A well crafted world. and enough nail-biting suspense to keep you hungry till next week.

Solid Work: 5/6 Discs


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