Sailor Moon: Crystal Episode 1

(c) Toei

(c) Toei

So, I watched the new Sailor Moon this evening (morning for you people who are overly specific), And, I went in with the LOWEST of expectations. Get it correct, I expected absolutely terrible stuff from this one. I didn’t feel that animation companies these days could even roll with how things used to be. Everything these days is instant gratification and all. But, Toei delivered on this front.

Let’s run down the check list.

Original Style Animation w/ Updated Graphics √

Same names and Mannerisms √

Good Pacing w/o giving too much for a first episode √

Villain of the Week with a peek at Bigger Baddies √

All in all, looks like this might pan out. One episode isn’t enough to actually take a real opinion on a series. You can find it on both Cruchy for Premiums or on your normally “legally” hosted anime sites. Ciao.



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