See it Before You Die – Trails and Ways

So, before we get started, I’m going to apologize for two things. First off, I’m gonna apologize for taking over a week to type this out. But, you guys know me, that’s actually pretty fast for me. Secondly, I’m going to apologize for taking these photos with my phone which sucks ass at taking low light pictures better than Riku Minato in the middle of a 8 man gang bang. But, now that that is out of the way, let me tell you about the greatness that is this show I went to last Saturday.

I got a message on Twitter (yes, you can send me one. I tend to respond) that they were playing a show in Dallas at Three Links that weekend. So, I decided to head out there to check it out. Went into the venue and was pretty stoked. Venue was nice girl at the front, (didn’t get her name) was chill and personable unlike some people I’ve seen before. Which was nice. Peter got a drink that was reasonably price for the location so that was pretty sweet too. Got in there early and saw the first show, Chinaski, The Fury. That dude went out there by himself. He was great for a solo act. He had to use a loop and he admittedly play some songs that sounded like he made them up earlier that day, (Which he said he did, actually.) but the set was enjoyable to say the least.

(c) My shitty lowlight Phone

(c) My shitty lowlight Phone

Then, various things happened so I didn’t get to see Trails come in but when I got back in there they were about to start their first song. We pushed through the crowd and made our way off to the side where there weren’t that many people and we could post up on the wall. (Yes, I understand that makes for bad positioning. But, I wanted it to be a good for as many people as possible. I’m not a small guy.) And, I think that’s where my heart jumped to eleven. Trails was great. Emma told a funny story about a guy buying them drinks and Keith did most of the talking. it was a really personable group. They seemed really down to the earth and trying keep the crowd jamming. (It wasn’t needed though, the crowd was rocking hard with them.) Peter remarked that Ian was good then noted what a huge difference that drums make on a group. Then they told us they were going to play Mtn Tune. And I fell in love.

(c) my still crappy phone.

(c) my still crappy phone.

Now, I’m no expert on love. But I’m pretty sure that that is what I fell to when Hannah brought the magic out of that guitar. Emma was killing the bass line and Keith kept the line strong while Ian was beating those drums like he was trying to find oil in those hills. All the while, Hannah was making the guitar sing its own “Mtn Tune”. I had never heard this tune before and it was quenching a thirst I didn’t even know I had. I’d throw the link down at the bottom, but listening to it on your computer doesn’t even compare to hearing it live. It was phenomenal. The set was really short but it was totally enjoyable. You guys have to see them before you die. These guys are going to get big. If they don’t. It’ll be a damn shame and a crime against music.

(c) my even worse phone

(c) my even worse phone

I bought their CD (which is more like an EP, I wasn’t really listening to them describe it because I was still falling in love with Hannah) for 5 dollars and got to talk to Keith. He’s really down to earth and I told him how great was for me. Didn’t get a real chance to talk to Hannah, (which is good because I didn’t think I would have been able to form complete sentences and would have tripped on my words.) I’ll recommend these guys to anyone anytime.

Just Great.


(Side note: If Hannah ever reads this, I’d love to take you out for some lunch next time you’re in town. Everyone has to eat sometime right?)


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