13’s Having Flashbacks Pt. 3

Song of the Day

Shhh… is 13 looking? Ok, here’s another blast from the past. Brought to you by the minds behind the wonderful things you digest every day anyway. Let’s let some atoms from the past be inside your atoms that compose your eardrums. Follow after the jump please, we’re going to be here a while.


June 21,2012

 Today’s post is from the underrated “Futures” album by Jimmy Eat World. It’s called “Work” and it’s one of my favorite JEW songs:

(XIV’s sidenote: Hey past 13, Don’t think you can use that anagram in that context.)


June 22, 2012

This one, folks, is pure fun. Did you ever wonder what would happen if you played a country song “Backwards”? Rascal Flatts is here to tell you:



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