S.o.O.L.- St. Vincent in the Afternoon

(c) Gogomix.com

(c) Gogomix.com

Howdy folks, it’s about time for another S.O.O.L. post. (Yeah, I’m gonna start abbreviating that. I like it that way.)  Today, we’re going to throw a few tracks from one of the artists on the b-side of my album on the set. The topic for today is: St. Vincent. I’ll see ya after the jump.

There’s always something interesting on the Soundtrack of my life. It amazes me how easy it is for other people to throw their own tracks on my CD without me even paying attention. That’s how about 23% of the music in my library came into my attention.  I might have mentioned it before, but the way your soundtrack fills up with worthwhile songs isn’t that you put them there yourself; it’s that others can give your set list something you hadn’t expected or experienced yet. I was on the place with the faces and the books and a good friend of mine just updated her status with 4 words that sparked my pilgrimage to St-hood: “Jesus Saves, I spend”. And the rest as they say, is history.

We’re going to start off today with the very first song off her 3rd studio album entitled: Strange Mercy “Chloe in the Afternoon” Let’s dig in:

Lyrics (which I do enjoy) aside, this song has 3 really strong points for my tastes: Solid Hook, Strong Drums, Great Guitar Rifts. Solid way to start off an album. Also, like everything else that I share almost, it’s not quite like the normal things you’d hear on the radio. The chorus is hypnotic and the beats are reminiscent of the old school funk style. She sampled from it a little bit and you can tell it in the way the guitar talks to you.

Next up: “Year of the Tiger”

While still a bit more chill than the other one, this one is my head banger from the album. Every time the track starts up, I start the preemptive head bob, you can totally tell when you see me. It starts out kinda slow, with a hard beat, soft vocals and a distorted guitar that kinda reminds me of early Sleigh Bells. The track is still solid and really comes together after the short guitar riff right before the break in tone. All in all, it’s a must listen to.

Well, I’m gonna figure out what to do next time, Probably gonna be rock, but I’ve been really stuck on Lana Del Ray for a bit. Work has picked up so you might have noticed the lack of post last week. Not gonna let that stop me though. Thanks for listening to my soundtrack for today. You can drop me a line at the on any of the contact ways and I’ll see what’s up.

Till Next Time,



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