Drawing out the tracks, “Ex-Boyfriend” “White Dude”

Welcome back to another edition of the Soundtrack of my life. How’s life been on the other side? Heard anything new? You can always drop me a line in the comments, or on twitter or shoot me a line the the email@13andXIV@gmail.com and I’ll get back to ya. Or I might even make a post about it if the song touches the right part of my eardrums. But, back to the topic at hand. I told you last time that I would make the next post about something that came out a great deal sooner than some of my previous posts. That’s why tonight I’m bringing you a couple of tracks from this mixtape:

(c) Datpiff.com

(c) Datpiff.com

If you like rap music, hit the jump. If you like comedy, hit the jump. If you don’t like either of those, we’ll have something for you after the break anyways. You might like the songs anyway. Well, let’s jump in friends:

So, I found this artist the same way I find most of my music, bouncing up and down, Youtube, Reddit, Soundcloud, and various forums. But, this first video, when I first found it, there were 347 views on it. I shared it a few times and when I came back in the morning after restarting my mental music player, there were 364,000 views. It was awesome. I felt like one of those guys who is like one of the first people in the movie and you get the good seats. (Like, the middle, 5-6 rows from the projector for those interested.) His music isn’t really for everyone, it’s rap, kinda funny like The Lonely Island, but he likes to draw out the words and sorta sings the chorus. You’ll see what I mean. Despite his sorta nasally voice, I still give this song a 9.5/12. Lil Dicky “Ex-Boyfriend”:

Second track on the mixtape is another comedy track that goes by the name of “White Dude”. A simple track that like his other one, follows a repeating theme  over the course of the track. We’ll talk more about it after the track, here you go:

First off, I really dig how his voice isn’t as nasally this time. It really helps the flow roll with the beat in a way that doesn’t detract from the humor. While listening to the video, the video really nails it. It’s kinda funny. Really funny. But, it really tells an interesting story that some people don’t pay attention to. How different people are treated based on race. But, this isn’t that type of blog. And, I really couldn’t care less about that topic. It’s a damn funny song regardless. Enjoy it.

Till next time folks,



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