The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Awake, Under the Gun

(c) Fishytunes

(c) Fishytunes

So, I’m finally finished with my awesome vacation. I spent the trip down to Houston on a bus surrounded by people I don’t know and also people who I didn’t really understand. Although, I had a great time on the trip; you can learn so much when you don’t know anything. That said, I severely got backed up on pretty much everything. So, for a few posts at least, we’re going to be DOUBLE POSTS! Probably short ones, but doubles none the less. That said, after the jump, let’s dust off the soundtrack get back to work:

Today, I’m bringing you an artist I’ve had on repeat since I went on my wonderful trip to Houston. A group out of Sunny Los Angeles that goes by the name of ELECTRIC GUEST! This music is a bit like some of the other music we’ve shared lately; it’s great chill music. But, it’s even better drive music. Their debut album is called Mondo a real laid back retro style solid that brings a real peace to my eardrums. I’m not gonna talk about these guys too much at first, I’m gonna let you taste the music with your heads. We’ll start off with  my 3rd favorite song on the album which is also track 3, funny enough. And that’s what you’re gonna get to taste first. Let’s go, Under the Gun:

I’m even rocking right now. I think what really does it for me are the really soft vocals of the chorus that cover all of their tracks.  Although the smooth bass in the back ground might be the real kicker, where it really comes together are the electric beats.  Again, enough time for talking, let’s go to my 2nd favorite track on the album; Awake.

Yup, that beat is smooth in my ears. I sing this chorus every time it comes on, no matter where I am. Being who I am, I sometimes get stares so I just sing it a bit softer. I’m not great at describing the exact words but, I’m a sucker for a good break in a song; and after the 2nd break when the beat starts thumping in my headphones just screams in my ears, “This is what music should be.” And it is my friends, it is.

You’ll find links in the upcoming pt. 2 to this piece.

Got something new for you next time folks, Gonna branch out from the things that aren’t >8 months old for the next post. Look forward to  it.



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