Never stop finding new music!

All mad

Not really a dossier page but more of a “shoot the shit” page for today. Going to talk today about ways to find new music. School’s back in session so there isn’t as much time to just chill and surf youtube or Spotify your reality. Not many people really understand the impact that music has on your everyday life. Jingles, jangles, the tunes on the radio, and the even the sound of crickets chirping. So much music out there. I’m going to try to get you just a taste of the sound I heard yesterday, today. Every day I can. After all, It’s the soundtrack to your life, I’d love to influence it with a sample of mine. More after the break…

I’ve been waking up really fucking early lately. I normally wake up around 1-3 in the afternoon. Usually, that’s fine. But recently, I’ve taking back to listening to music to wake me up. And by wake me up, I mean get me out of bed at 5-6:30 in the morning. Really redic at first, but I figured out what worked and now it’s all gravy. So, lemme give you the track that was smooth chilling in my ear as I woke up this morning.

Oh my god. Did you listen to that? Well, grab you a cup of coffee (if that’s your thing), or some breakfast(cause that should be your thing), and do it again. If you need some visual imagery, let me show you exactly what St. Tropez is:

credits to

credits to

It’s a goddamn paradise. Look how comfortable that looks. Just imagine the cool salty air, and the warm sun as it just shines down the street while you stroll down road to your favorite corner bistro. Now listen to the song again while staring at the picture. You finished?  DO IT ONE MORE TIME! Haha, maybe another time.

But, that’s all for today friends. See you next time,



2 thoughts on “Never stop finding new music!

  1. I like this song XIV. I’m glad you’ve found some time to listen to new music. I still continue my weekly browsing of iTunes on New Music Tuesday, but lately I haven’t had time for much more. So much school related stuff, especially now that I am a probationary member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, the music fraternity!
    This is cool stuff though. I’ll have to check out some more of Fyfe’s stuff. Any suggestions?


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