XIV’s Dossier: “Get By” “Bastermating”

That was one hell of a list, eh? 13 did a bang up job on his list. Kinda hard to follow up something that awesome. So, I’m just gonna inch into it w/ the renewed vigor of a set of Roman Numerals that has bills to pay. (Although we’re not getting anything from this other than the love of our fans). This one is dedicated to one of my favorite artist, Asher Roth:


Two tracks coming down the tracks for you tonight. From his mixtape “Pabst and Jazz”

That’s “Get By” and it’s a great chill song that you can just listen to when you’re winding down from the day like I do. And, now my favorite track on the mixtape:

Asher Roth is supposed to be having an album coming out this year. You can bet that I’ll be throwing some paint on that one.



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