13 or XIV Days of Christmas: Days 1-4

Okay, I might be cheating. I”m probably cheating. However, I’ve got good reason for it. I’ve got four sisters, and taking all that into consideration I didn’t feel right making four brand new posts about them. So, I plan on just making a longish post about the whole group. Let’s start from the youngest to the oldest. Because you aren’t getting any younger reading this, and I’m getting better looking as I type this:


First on the list is #5 (Identity changed to protect the innocent)

Number 5 is my baby sister. She’s cool sometimes, and sometimes it is almost like World War 3. We grew up together as the babies of the family so she’s probably the one I spent the most time with out of all of them. She only knows me about half as well as she thinks she does, but that’s cool. We will still put up with each other long after the ice melts. Keep it strong number 5. My song for your is Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi:

Because just like the paparazzi, we kinda rely on each other despite everything. Just not the same ya know?

Next up on the list, #3 (Identity still changed to protect the innocent)

Now, Number 3 came into being just a few short years before me. She’s probably the sibling that I could have come to for advice about just about anything. She’s always trying to put her family first. She appeared to have more fun growing up than the rest of us put together but we all know that most of it had its ups and downs. You were the hardest to actually find a single song for #3. But I found one that describes us perfectly because it personifies the time I remember best of us, Webbie: Laid Way Back (Don’t listen to this Madre)

Always wanted me to be my best, look my best and have fun being me. Take it cool, #3 knew good music. I could ride in the car while she drove and just enjoy something good. It’s always been like that, eh?

Coming in to stop at #2 (Identity hidden to protect you from the innocent)

Good Ol’ #2 Is probably the strongest of the 5. (Not physically, cause I’ve got that part on lock) She has dealt with a great deal during her life and she still rocks with the best of us. She’s always able to make things happen. I know that if I absolutely need to get something done, #2 is always there to make sure it happens. I can relate her to the Military cause she just gets the job done. My Song for her is the one song that I can remember her singing when I was growing up. Isley Brothers: Contagious:

#2 always keeps music playing. I might not always agree with what she plays at the time. I”m confident that we will always have a great listening experience. Side note: We’ve never lost a game of Spades when we were on the same team. It’ll always be like that, right #2?

And finally #1 of the siblings (Why are you reading this, move your eyes south)

#1 Got me into blogging. Sure, me and 13 started this one long before this post, but #1 showed me how it’s done. She’s the one I could always go to if there was something I couldn’t totally understand. Although she sometimes infuriates me, I know that even if she hates doing it, she’ll have my back because that is just how we are. Also, I think she’s to blame for a great deal of my variety in musical selections. As well as my hate of Celtic Music. Now, finding #1’s song was easy. The very same album we always relate other songs to when we try to find new music. Here’s Maroon 5: She Will Be Loved:


#1 is also a successful blogger. I hope to be at her level one day. But until then, she keeps guiding me on little things I’ve not known, or other little factoids. You’ll probably do that forever, huh?


Okay, that was days 1-4. I just want you guys to know that I love my siblings despite how it appears sometimes. I’ll have more days up soon. So, until then. Carry On!



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