XIV’s Dossier: Page Three: Even the Best Scenes Can Drag On

XIV here, with another look into the spyglass that is firmly affixed atop the mount peering into the void of music that the people have been missing. Page three is hard to spot. It tends to stay static locked next to page two and refuses to yield to that thing people do with their fingers on the edge of the page to allow themselves to move on to the next one. But, I got it unstuck and here is the next page. Without any more ado, here is “Page Three”:


The funny thing about this song, is that when I watched the movie it came out for the first time, I never heard it on there consciously. Most of “Scott Pilrgim vs. The World” was spent being in awe of the awesome soundtrack for one of my favorite comic book turned movie movies. I could (and very well might do a Dossier Page for almost each song) But, I bought the soundtrack immediately and heard this. I was hooked and watched the movie 3 times trying to find it. It was really quick and and there was a short snippet of it but It was totally worth it. It gets a bit boring everywhere and the fact is that even the most scenic places pose the same threat of inactivity and dullness as a  suburban torture center.

I doubt that is what this song is about though. Anyhoo, turn your brain off words and back to music:


P.S. I think Dossier Pages are gonna be my main pages for a while. I plan on doing artist/album reviews on Sundays or Tuesdays now. So, now that I’ve laid down a plan. Expect more pages and reviews.


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