Ingrid Michaelson and the New Way XIV lives

I love Music. Yes, I made “music” capitalized for a reason. Second to dreaming, other than my necessities, I would do nothing but listen to Music all day. I practically do, except for during work and the like. It’s a borderline obsession. Although, I can think of worse things to be addicted to. My love of Music was accelerated by working in a CD store for two years and have access to some of the best Music this side fo the Mason-Dixon line. Back in the Mid-Late Mid 2000s I heard a song on an Old Navy Commercial that would eventually change the way I heard Music. That was this song:

Simple, strong Bass, great hook, wonderful voice and a great grasp of how one should do music. To this day, a strong contender in my top 25 Songs of all time. That’s from her album “Girls and Boys”. Needless to say, i bought the CD quickly after putting the headphones up to my ears. From that Album “Die Alone” is another favorite.

What I like about Ingrid Michaelson is that I feel that every song included has a pretty good tie into the title of the album. Girls and Boys was about the relationships and emotions between Boys and Girls. (Or whatever relationship you feel if that is your fancy) The next album of hers I heard was “Be Ok”. Which might be my favorite album by her. It has my favorite version of any of her songs, “The Chain: Live from Webster’s Hall” Which you can hear here:

Just do as you wish and I’ll Be Ok; even if you come back. That album is all good, I like the pacing and it digs in with its cat claws and just makes you want to play it on some rough day. The title track that starts it off drops sunshine in your lap then makes you get up and dance with it.

Finally, we stop in 2009. Everybody. Possibly her best album. It’s a very telling snapshot of a generation. Notice how I said best, and favorite on 2 different albums. My favorites aren’t always the best. Feelings get mixed in with the Music and things just happen that way. Starting off with “Soldier”, a tale about the battlefield of love, Ingrid Michaelson just melts cold hearts like the snow in the track “Men of Snow”. The tune bounces up and down like the best slide you’ve never ridden on. “Men of Snow” is a great tale of knowing that every season ends, no matter how much it means to you. Nothing brings the album full circle as well as the finale of this album:

That song should say all I need to about the way this album goes.

I know you  might be saying, “But, XIV! There are another 2 albums she has done! And one of them came out this year!” I know, I know. I honestly started where I started so you can have a similar experience to mine. And, I hope you got a similar feast that I enjoyed. As for her newest album, “Human Again”. That will be my next post. I’m going to be doing an album review of it. Also, I might get my partner to throw his 13 cents into the broth.

Till then,



3 thoughts on “Ingrid Michaelson and the New Way XIV lives

  1. Ah, Ingrid Michaelson, indie darling. I must confess that I have never fallen in love with her quite the way you and so many others have (judging by the countless commercials and shows her songs find their way into). That doesn’t mean I dislike her though – on the contrary, “The Way I Am” is on my iPod too, and I have a bit more music of hers in my Amazon mp3 cart. In truth, aside from the commercial songs, which I’ve heard over and over, I really haven’t been exposed to her much. That being said, going over her new album should be fun. Another friend of mine has already suggested that I should anyway.

    On a slightly different subject, for anyone who bothers to read these comments in addition to the blog posts and who is wondering when I personally might have another blog up, the answer to that is tomorrow, I think. I’m like, 90% sure it will be tomorrow. I actually have had the site pulled up on my computer for the past two days planning to make a post, but I haven’t gotten around to it. So tomorrow. If I don’t you have permission to slap me.


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    • I am glad to hear that you are enjoying our page. XIV and I appreciate the complements. The best thing you can do is tell your friends about us and, if you want, link to us on your site. The main purpose of this blog is to expose others to music that we enjoy so that they can enjoy it too, and as such, we love popularity.

      – 13

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